School Rules

The Trust Board sets rules to ensure that all students are treated fairly, respect each other and their property. Rules may be changed from time to time as the Board sees fit. Given the location of the school and the number of times we will be in the community, it is important that the rules are kept with a set of consequences if they are not. However, given the nature of the school, it is envisaged that there will be very few genuine discipline problems.

Attendance – students must attend each scheduled day. When there is sickness, or another good reason, the school must be notified as soon as possible on that day.

Inappropriate Items – the normal items that schools exclude are not to be brought to Mt Hobson Middle School (gum, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, inappropriate literature or electronic material).

Internet Use – the Internet and e-mail facilities must not be mis-used in terms of sending or downloading inappropriate materials.

Off-Site Behaviour – Mt Hobson Middle School students – when off-site during school hours  – must wear their uniform well, treat all people with respect, obey all laws with regards to traffic.