Community Involvement


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Community Involvement

At Mt Hobson Middle School students put in one afternoon per week in a service role, working for and with people in the surrounding community.

Community Service Aims:

  • That the students would be involved in working with and for people in the community.
  • That this would be seen as an essential part of the school curriculum.
  • That it would assist the moral development of MHMS students by placing them in situations where they have to consider the needs of others before themselves.


  • Students put in 90 minutes work one afternoon a week in a service role.
  • During Community Service time, they are fully engaged in the task in a way that serves the organisation/people they are working with.
  • That they learn to show initiative and a good work ethic.

Key Projects and Partnerships:

Carlson School for Cerebral Palsy

Working alongside children who have some degree of motor impairment, our students read or use computers to tell stories as well as assisting with ball, ride-on or swinging activities. This allows our students to ‘give’ their time and energy to assist others their age, who are unable to do these activities unaided..

Cite Soleil School - Haiti                                                                                                                  

Haiti Partners has been working to address education, literacy, leadership development and child servitude issues in Haiti since 1991. Mt Hobson Middle School is working alongside Haiti Partners and supporting education development by having a 'PLANT SALE' every term to support the Cité Soleil Community School (CSCS), which was founded in 2001. Its mission is to educate, nourish, support, and orient children and youth in a very challenging community. Cité Soleil is extremely poor, full of violence, lacks social and civil infrastructure, and offers few models of good behavior for the next generation. The school’s vision is to replace the guns, gangs, poor habits and bad tendencies of Cité Soleil’s youth with an appreciation for books, technology, positive social orientation, spirituality, and academic pursuits through education. CSCS believes that the way to build a better future, both for its community in Cité Soleil and for Haiti, is through education.

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Ecology Projects

On the trailStudents assist with monitoring the local natural environment and providing support to develop healthy ecosystems. This includes cleanups and planting. Our key partner in this is Wai Care.

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TEAR Fund stands for The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund, an organisation formed in Britain in the 1950s in response to African famine. It later became a permanent organisation. The New Zealand group was formed in 1975. For over 30 years, they have worked through child sponsorship, microenterprise, community development and disaster relief projects throughout the developing world. Assistance is provided regardless of the religious beliefs of recipients.

TEAR Fund partners with local Christian organisations and churches in developing countries. Their partners use local staff who work directly with the poorest people, helping them find their own solutions, cutting out the middleman and reducing costs.

Mt Hobson Middle School sponsors 1 child through Tear Fund

  • Ramesh Juvan Bhuriya who lives in East India

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