Home Work


Maths homework due 27 November

Year 7 No Homework

Year 8 p.151 Ex 16D LHS 1-4. p.153 Ex 16E LHS 1- 3, 4 a-c. p.159 16F LHS 1-5

 Maths homework due 26 November

Year 9 No Homework

Year 10 p.287 Ex 7D solids and nets. LHS 1, 2, all 3, LHS 7, 8. p.290 Ex 7E LHS 1-3, All 4. p.293 Ex 7F All 1, 4.

p.298 Ex 7G All 1, LHS 2-5.


Chose one of the following tasks and present it to the class on Friday.

Nature of Science: Create a presentation about the discoveries of an influential scientist. Be sure to include some background but make sure you focus on the work and discoveries.

Material, Physical or Living World: Create a time based list of historical developments in a field of science.

 Planet Earth & Beyond: Choose one planet from our solar system and create a 10 page informative power point presentation on it.


Year 7 English
Presenting a task on their favourite animal Due 28 Nov

Social Studies
Biography Due 8 Nov
Government Due 15 Nov
Task 3 Due 8 Nov
Task 4 Due 15 Nov

Year 8
Reading Due 14 Nov
Speech Due 14 Nov

Social Studies
Brochure Due 15 Nov
Interviews Due 8 Nov